1998 Ford Taurus



May, 2, 2006 AT 10:29 AM

1998 Ford Taurus.3.0 V6,130.000 mi.
I have a problem with my Taurus. After driving 10 miles or so, the engine will die for a split second then come back on. When this happens the tach will drop down and the low fuel light will come on for a second. This may happen once a week, or two or three times a day. The check engine does not come on when this happens. Any idea on what the problem might be? Thanks


1 Answer



May, 2, 2006 AT 12:09 PM

Sounds electrical with a possible bad ground wire. Check all battery connections. Remove and clean all battery terminals. Remove and clean all ground wires from the battery to the engine, engine to fire wall and from battery to frame.

Check the red wire to the alternator and make sure it is tight as well as the small wire from the + battery post to the connector on the fender well. Let me know.

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