1998 Ford Taurus



March, 28, 2006 AT 1:54 PM

I JUST bought this car and low and behold a week later, I get this horrible chirping noise coming from the driver side under the hood from what appears to be the transmission case? This car has about 59,000 miles on it and is in otherwise pristine condition. The chirping goes faster with higher RPM's, seems to drown out at speeds about 45MPH but is right back when you slow down or stop. It is there when the engine is cold OR warm. I already had it at the dealer but they said everything was fine! No way. Any ideas what I should have my PERSONAL mechanic look at for me?


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March, 29, 2006 AT 8:52 PM

There is a wiring harness inside a plastic housing that runs across the top of the engine. Under the harness in the top of the transmission there is a syncronizer with a sensor on the top. It takes a little work to get it out, but nothing major. The syncronizer resembles a distributor in its looks. It wears out and most of the time is the cause of the taurus chirping sound. It requires a special tool to reinstall so it won't get out of time.



March, 30, 2006 AT 5:55 AM

You have a bird. And the special tool is a BB GUN



March, 31, 2006 AT 10:15 AM

I had a 1998 ford taurus with the same noise maybe my chirpping noise shifted with my transmisson it turned out to be my transmisson fluid if you havent checked that I would my trans actually went out cause I was told it was a wiring harness costed me 1400



March, 31, 2006 AT 10:22 AM

Some of this is scary to me, especially since I took it back to the dealer to have them tell me there was NOTHING wrong. I'm only covered for 3 months or 3000 miles for engine and transmission. Are they trying to wait until Im not covered to " find" the problem you think? I am not pleased with any of this. If anyone else has any other ideas too please feel free to post. I appreciate all of your time guys and thank you.

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