1996 Ford Taurus



March, 25, 2006 AT 6:42 AM

When driving for awhile (after warm) it will not shift from first to second gear. It has been at the Ford dealer for three weeks and they are unable to figure it out wither. They have also involved Ford directly and they can not figure it out. We are already out of pocket $1300 for a previous trip a few months ago for the same issue. Please help.


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March, 25, 2006 AT 6:54 AM

Is it a manual or automatic transmission. If it's auto it might be your gear linkage andif it's a manual it's probley your clutch.



March, 25, 2006 AT 6:59 AM

It is an automatic. Thanks for the response and I will let you know if that works.



March, 26, 2006 AT 10:20 PM

This takes me back. My old 1990 Taurus had a similar issue and the fix was unbelievably cheap, once I figured it out.

On the old AXOD transmission, there was a cable connection from the throttle into the transmission. I believe it was called a kickdown linkage. In my case the cable itself had broken and needed replacement. Obviously, the newer Taurus has an electronic transmission - however, it can suffer from a similar condition. Forgive my spotty memory (I got this advice 3 years ago), but I remember being told that a sensor in the newer transmissions has taken the place of the kickdown cable. The fix in that case was to remove the transmission pan, and the sensor in question will be within view. I'm sure a mechanic would be more knowledgable than me on the specifics, but my understanding was that this particular sensor is not too expensive, and beyond its replacement, you'd have to top up a litre or so of transmission fluid.

Worth a shot at least. Good luck!

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