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  • 1996 FORD TAURUS
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1996 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

where is and how do I change the fuel pump on a 96 ford taurus lx
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Monday, March 1st, 2010 AT 12:23 PM

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It's in the fuel tank.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure.
3. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
4. Remove the fuel tank and place on a suitable work bench.
5. Remove any dirt that has accumulated around the fuel pump retaining flange so it will not enter the tank during pump removal and installation.
6. Turn the fuel pump locking ring counterclockwise and remove the locking ring using Fuel Tank Sender Wrench T74P-9275-A, or equivalent.
7. Pull the fuel pump module up and out of the fuel tank until the locking tabs for the fuel pump module are accessible. Squeeze both locking tabs together and remove the fuel pump module from the fuel tank. Remove and discard the O-ring seal.

To install:

8. Clean the fuel pump mounting flange, fuel tank mounting surface and O-ring seal groove.
9. Apply a light coating of grease on a new O-ring seal to hold it in place during assembly and install the O-ring seal.
10. Install the fuel pump module carefully to ensure the filter and hoses and float rod are not damaged.
11. Align the fuel pump module and the fuel tank retainer axially and push the fuel pump module into the fuel tank retainer. When the fuel pump module is properly engaged, a definite click will be heard engaging 2 locking tabs on the outside of the fuel pump.
12. Pull on the fuel pump module to ensure that both locking tabs are properly engaged.
13. Make sure the locating keys are in the keyways and the seal ring remains in the groove.
14. Hold the fuel pump module in place and install the locking ring finger-tight. Make sure all the locking tabs are under the tank lock ring tabs.
15. Using the sender wrench or equivalent, rotate the locking ring clockwise until the ring is against the stops.
16. Install the fuel tank in the vehicle. Lower the vehicle.
17. Add a minimum of 10 gallons (38 liters) of clean fuel to the tank. Connect the negative battery cable.
18. Install a suitable fuel pressure gauge to the Schrader valve on the fuel supply manifold.
19. Cycle the ignition switch from OFF to ON for 3 seconds. Repeat this procedure 5-10 times until the pressure gauge reads at least 30 psi (207 kPa). Check for fuel leaks.
20. Remove the fuel pressure gauge. Start the engine and again, check for fuel leaks. Road test the vehicle and check for proper operation.
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