1994 Ford Taurus Began rattling/knocking on acceleration th

  • 1994 FORD TAURUS
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 135,000 MILES
On brief errand, I noticed a rattling or knocking sound with any use of gas/accelerator, which got rather loud - almost sounded like a diesel engine sounds whenever I was on the accelerator. There were no warning lights, and temperature gauge was normal too. When idling, the noise disappeared or got quiet enough that I couldn't hear it while still in the car. The more acceleration, the louder the noise. I also smelled a sort of burnt smell, or burnt oil or engine exhaust sort of smell.

Trying to make it a mile or two home, I kept driving. Then at a stop, it almost died as if fuel starved or running too rough - continued rattle/knock on acceleration again, and then a short distance later died entirely - no engine, no power steering, no power breaks. Several warming lights came on right after it died (just as they do when you first start the car). Power windows still worked fine however.

NO idea if the following is related, but recently had to replace belt and tensioner. Also, for some months I've noticed if I'm right next to a building with my window down (think fast food drive thru) there's a faint tapping sound while idling.

I'm not a mechanic, but with use of chilton's and other advice have over the years on several different vehicles successfully rebuilt carbs, replaced starters, alternators, fuel pumps, belts, etc. I'm stumped on this and badly need help figuring out what is wrong.

I haven't tried to restart it, hoping for some ideas of what may be wrong with it first and worried about possible further damage if I try starting it with no idea of what is wrong. Hope to heck I haven't already ruined the engine somehow. Thanks so much in advance!
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 AT 12:28 AM

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Sounds like your Taurus had a serious loss of computer function that led to a condition where your catalytic converter ended up melting down (the burnt smell). I had a very similar thing happen to an 87 T-bird driving to work one morning years back. If you haven't got it going and you're the Eclectk1 that I know from the Cushing board, you should give me a call and I'll walk through a repair with you.

Bill Wattson
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Friday, June 25th, 2010 AT 7:57 PM

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