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Vehicle is a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT, 2.5 litre L-4, 5 speed manual with 140,000 mi. The engine pings when climbing hills. Truck has been tuned and switching gasoline brands and octane rating makes no difference. I'm told to try replacing the knock sensor. Does anyone know where this unit is located on the engine?
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Monday, January 29th, 2007 AT 11:00 AM

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Usually it's located on the back of the motor, I'm not familiar expressly with your motor though, it could be elsewhere. I'm thinking that if the knock sensor has failed, there should be a code stored. Are you sure your motor actually has a knock sensor? Pinging can be caused by the egr system not working quite right, that's probably the most common solution, however pinging can also be caused by excessively dirty intake valves, and or a carboned up intake manifold. Your local Ford dealer probably offers some type of intake valve and manifold cleaning service, I'm not talking fuel injector cleaning. You can do it yourself also. Use a cleaner, there are several good ones available, Seafoam, GM Topclean, Ford has some type, the name escapes me. What you do is pour it in, while holding rpm's around 1500 or so, usually thru the pcv valve hose or other vacuum source which will get it into the intake manifold and into the upper engine. If there's a way to get it into both sides that's better, keep pouring slowly, the motor will start loading up and smoke like a mother, put the whole can in there and shut her down for a while to allow for a good soak, restart, smoke cloud will probably prompt the neighbor from 2 streets over to call the fire dept and report a building going up. Some people worry about hydrolocking the motor, but use a nice slow feed of the cleaner, experiment to get the feel of it. May take more then one try to get it clean. Years ago, we would feed small amounts of water into our cars to bust up the carbon deposits, no one I know uses that method anymore. Marvel Mystery Oil was also an excellent topend cleaner, that was probably the best smoke-maker of all

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Monday, January 29th, 2007 AT 9:23 PM

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