1994 Ford Ranger



December, 9, 2007 AT 10:14 AM

Heater problem
1994 Ford Ranger V6 Two Wheel Drive Manual 145000 miles

The heater in my 94 ranger does not seem to blow off heat. It will get slighty warm after it has been running for some time. It only blows on the high setting and not as strong unless it is set on defrost. I have replaced the thermostat and checked the fuses. The heater core was also replaced a little over a year ago, what else may be causing this?

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December, 9, 2007 AT 10:23 AM

To solve the fan speed problem, it usually turns out to be the resistor, as for the core, check for low coolant level, Try warming the Vehicle, then carefully feel the heater hoses, are they both hot? If one is cooler than the other, You need to flush the core, or a replacement job on the heater core. Also if the system has a heat control valve on the heater hose, make sure it is working!



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