1984 Ford Ranger


J D Watts

March, 9, 2009 AT 9:20 AM

Electrical problem
1984 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

I've had my truck in the shop and thought the issue was fixed -- alas it seems I still have a problem. I let it sit for a month or so and yesterday used it to pick up a thatcher. Started right up (three times) then buzz click. It was a short trip and I was wondering if you need to run an old rig like that to keep the battery charged. The shop said they put in a new battery.


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March, 10, 2009 AT 9:11 PM

It sounds like the alternator is not charging the battery
you can take it to a local advance and the can check the alternator for free
or test it yours self jump start it one time while the battery is dead drive it for a good 20 min shut it of the battery should be fully charged if not the alternator it bad
if it does start with a fully battery make sure the starter wires or tight and the battery cables

i believe the alternator is bad


J D Watts

March, 11, 2009 AT 11:43 PM

I have a new ERG, new spark plugs and wires, new fuel filter, new fuel pump, new battery cables, new alternater, new gas tank, new u-joints, new head gasket, new timing chain, new battery.

When I hooked up the jumper cables I hooked up the jumper (running car) to the jumpeer (Ranger) positive first then neg. As soon as I put the neg. On the wires coming to the post started smoking. I unhooked it and shut the hood. What is going on?

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