1995 Ford Probe



March, 8, 2010 AT 7:06 PM

1995 Ford Probe 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 170, 00 miles

hi my name is sara and I have a 95 ford probe gt and it wont start. Its keeps cranking over but wont hit at all. Before it did this it would die constantley, you would have to hold down the gas but as soon as you let off the gas it dies automatically. Then I let it sit for a couple days and now it wont start. I changed the distributor, fuel pump, crank shaft sensor and nothing helps. Its just not getting any fire. It will crank all day until the battery dies but it wont hit a lick. I hooked it up to a code reader and it said crank shaft sensor, I replaced it and nothing. I dont know what else to do. Its a 2.5 v6 manuel 24valve. Please help!


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March, 8, 2010 AT 7:25 PM

Hi Sara.
Well this could get complicated. But here is what I would do check all your fuses very carefully with a test light.

Check all fusible links.

Check your grounds under the hood. Their are several of them displaced around the firewall and the transmission bell housing.

If these are all good then you need to check for a 5 volt reference signal from the crank sensor. Before you do that if your car has a tachometer, check while you are cranking and see if that tach needle is moveing.

My guess it is not. Now you will need a schematic you will find in a service manual you need to check all the grounds comeing out of your computer. And then all the power wires comeing from your computer. If a ground is not grounded then you have a bad ground or a bad pcm.

I know this all seems complicated but obviously you are mechanical inclined or you would not have been able to complete the things you have changed. If this don, t help or you have more questions please feel free to reply. Ty BillyMac



August, 19, 2010 AT 4:50 PM

Hello man im having the same problem as sara i pressure washed my motor not hard just a quick wash over not directly on the motor just over it it wasnt running or nothing then after that i waiting like 5 mins and i started it up it started right up and then after a min or so it started spitting and sputtering and backfiring and then died and it had no spark after that i changed the crank sensor and everything distributor wiring harness under the hood new computer (even tried the old one also) new ignition still nothing it gets fuel an everything checked the grounds they were fine i checked my timing belt its tight but still could it be out of time even if the belt is tight? if its out of time will it still not fire please help me!! also heres pictures of my car :]

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