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Engine Performance problem
1995 Ford Probe 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 165000 miles

The problem started with a timing belt tensioner failure
belt was slapping case but the car still ran and drove. The belt and tensoner were replaced and has been rechecked a second time the belt is installed correctly all marks line up. The car starts and idles normal with very slight sputter or miss. The problem is that under acceleration cuts out and misses and back fires badly. If you roll into the thottle slowly it dosen't miss or cut out as bad. It will lag or almost cut out on a snap thottle. We have installed new plugs and wires, and have replaced air flow sensor and crank angle sensor with used parts. Have checked
thottle position sensor. I still suspect air flow meter problem. Any ideas what else we shound check

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Saturday, December 5th, 2009 AT 10:18 PM

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Hi willybaba and TY for the donation

Oxygen sensor
Dirty fuel injectors (cleaning the injectors often fixes this).
Bad MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor
Bad TPS (throttle position) sensor
Bad or dirty MAF (mass airflow) sensor
Low fuel pressure (leaky fuel pressure regulator or weak fuel pump)
Vacuum leaks (intake manifold, vacuum hoses, throttle body, EGR valve)
Bad gasoline (fuel contaminated with water or too much alcohol)

Sometimes, what feels like a hesitation is actually ignition misfire rather than lean misfire. The causes of ignition misfire may include:

Dirty or worn spark plugs
Bad plug wires
Weak ignition coil
Wet plug wires

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Sunday, December 6th, 2009 AT 3:47 AM

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