1995 Ford Probe



August, 14, 2008 AT 7:55 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1995 Ford Probe 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

I have a 1995 Ford Probe that won't start. It cranks over but it won't start. My dad has shot starting fluid to it and it won't start. We've had a new fuel pump and fuel filter put in it because we thought that was the problem but obviously it's now. Any ideas? Thank you.


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September, 12, 2008 AT 12:07 PM

Check for spark. Unplug a wire and stick an old plug in it then hold it close to the engine hoist point and have someone crank the car. If the plug gets spark your're good, if not replace your ignition coil or the whole distributor.

Check CPS crank position sensor. If this is a 6 vyl 2.5 L then you should have a 3 pin connector right under the coolant cap area on passenger side.
Unplug it and using an ohm meter check for a resistance of 520 to 580 ohms between pins AB or BC (pins are not marked but it depends which way the connector is situated). The parth of the connector u need to check is the part that is bracketed and has a wire going down towards the oil pan.
If this checks out ok you may have a broken timing belt or broken timing belt tensioner which caused teh belt to skip teeth taking your timing out of alignment. See a manual on how to inspect, replace TB as it is a pretty involved process to explain.

Note: If the CPS is bad or unplugged you will not have spark because the ECU use the info from the crank position and ECT ( engine coolant temp) to tell the distributor when to spark.

Another thing you should do is since your car is ODB I, look in a manual and see how to check engine codes. You can do this simply by jumping 2 pins in the diagnostic box ( engine bay) and then looking at the check engine light. It will flash the codes.
First slow flashes are the first digit and second digit are slow flashes then if a third digit is present it wil go back to faster flashing. If there are no codes it will flash quickly 3 times.
A manual will have codes and how to check on odb I on a ford probe.

Good Luck!



August, 19, 2010 AT 12:16 AM

Hello i have a 93 ford probe gt v6 5 speed i love the car see i pressure washed the engine and now it wont start it turns over fine and wants to start but no spart it gets gas and everything.. i mean i didnt spray directly on the motor just over it like easy and i started it after and it started and ran for like a min then it started sputtering and stuff.. and now it wont start has no spark i replaced the distributor because it has the coil and everything built in i guess i replaced the the hole wiring harness and everything except the one that's under the hood that runs into the fuse box i replaced the crank sensor also why the hell wont it start!! ALSO! there is NO!!! CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON!!


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