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Electrical problem
1996 Other Ford Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

hi I have a 1996 grand marquis and when I start the engine my fuel reading apears and the goes away it leaves 2 marks at the top of the reading and on the other side of the dash it say co but what would be the probelm I got gas one day and it started to do this it like I have no reading at all

Friday, August 20th, 2010 AT 7:16 PM

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Your fuel sender may have gone bad. Get a tester and stick it in the fuel gauge wire with the key on. Have someoen look at the fuel gauge. If it goes up then the sender is bad if there is no power going to the wire then the gauge is bad. The wire you need to check is eitehr the yellow/white or the pink/orange. One should blink when hit with a test light and the gauge should go up if you get the right one.

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Friday, September 3rd, 2010 AT 6:44 PM

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