Ford Mustang 2001 V6, misc. Problems

I just bought a 2001 Mustang v6 with 60300 miles and a manual transmission. Everything with the engine and transmission seem to be fine. There are little problems though, and I was looking for someone to put me in the right direction for fixing these things. Here they are:

1. E-Brake light in the dash doesn't come on anymore. The brake does seem to work, as I can stop from moving completely when on a hill, just the contact sensor for the light seems to be faulty.
2. The windshield was replaced just before I got the car, and the seams don't appear to be completely sealed. No water gets into the car, but I hear a whistle when I drive faster or if it's windy outside.
3. Right power mirror doesn't work.
4. Front right speakers do not work.
5. Right windshield wiper fluid does not work.
(could 3, 4, 5 be related?)
6. Brakes kind of squeal when I come to a stop.

This is my first car and I don't have much experience at all with working on these things, but if they're simple I will try to do it myself. I also don't know where I would take my car to get these problems fixed. Just any mechanic? Thanks for the help.
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Monday, April 9th, 2007 AT 2:34 PM

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I have just about the same car (01 v6 stick mustang) and I noticed the same thing with my windshield. I don't know if it has been replaced in the past, but about the only way to fix it that I can think of would be to have someone install a new one. (They might be able to remove and reinstall the one you have, but from speaking with some installers it's hard to get an existing windshield out without breaking it).

As far as 3 & 4, go I would check the wiring inside your door. It's pretty easy to remove the door panel. Just pull out the plate with your window & lock contrl on it. Unscrew the wires from the back of the plate and unscrew the two screws holding the panel to the door. With the door open you will see that on the right edge (towards the back of the car) of the panel there is a plastic retainer that you can just pull out. At this point can lift the entire panel up and away from the door and you should be able to some of see the wiring. If you unscrew the four screws holding your speaker in, it'll pop right out so you can chek the connections. The connections for your mirrir are going o be right behind it at the top of the door. The little cover panel on the inside by the mirror just pops right out. If all that wiring is good, you'll just want to follow it through under the dash as far as you can. Beyond that, you might just have to fork over the money to have someone look at it.

5. I have a similar problem, but neither of mine work. I can hear my pump kicking on and there's fliud in there, but I think I have a kink in the line. Sounds like the same thing for you. I have looking for anything showing where the hose is ran, but haven't found anything yet. I'll keep you posted if I do. Your's might also be as simple as something clogging the outlet on the one side or the tube being disconnected.

6. You need new brakes. Since you have all wheel disc, it's easy enough to do on your own. If you've never done brakes before, call a friend who has and give him a six pack to show you how. Or if you're in san diego, let me know and I can show you what to do.
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