1986 Ford F-250 Where to add transmission fluid

  • 1986 FORD F-250

Transmission problem
1986 Ford F250 V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 275000 miles

Read the thread on which transmission fluid to use, but still unclear where to add it.

The plugs that were mentioned (if level even with plugs fluid is fine/low).

In what area will I find it? Under engine, rear axel area, etc?

I'll be the first to admit I am anything but a mechanic or know anything about cars. But, financial times makes it impossible to take to shop. Can you help?

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 AT 12:04 PM

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You will have two plugs on the side of the manual trans that stick out like sore thumbs. They will either have square or hex heads or will have a slot for a 3/8 drive ratchet. The top plug is the fill/check plug. Take the fill/check plug out and fluid should either run out, or you should at least be able to touch the fluid somewhere near the lip of the hole. If you cannot touch the fluid through the fill/check plug hole, check your owners manual for the correct fluid type and add accordingly. It will probably take gear oil (Looks similar to motor oil and usually stinks :)

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009 AT 3:04 PM

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