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July, 25, 2006 AT 11:36 AM

Hello. I have a normally well running 1995 Ford F-150, with 6cyl. And 5speed manual transmission. The other day when I tried to start it all it did was click, I then tried to jump it and when that didn't work I jumped the starter switch/relay/solenoid? Small circle up by the battery then my truck began to start itself when I turned the key it finished cranking and ran fine, replaced this part(solenoid) and now it still clicks when I try to start it, jumped it again and it worked again could it be the battery cables from the battery to the solenoid.


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July, 25, 2006 AT 5:46 PM

Ever clean all the cables anfd wires involved? Could be corrosion within the insulation, try a thorough cleaning first before replacing any. Check tightness


Service Writer

July, 25, 2006 AT 7:24 PM

There is a lead that goes bad at the starter motor, May need a starter at this point if that was the initial problem.



July, 29, 2006 AT 11:46 AM

I had the same problem with my Ford E150 4.9 I6 automatic van. Click buzz, then nothing. After $150 in tow ing costs, and after $250 for a new starter, it did the same thing. After replacing the starter : ( the mechanic suggested that I could start it with a screwdriver across the solenoid. So when it click buzzed again, I wondered if it was the neutral switch, because I had put a new one in 6 months before. So I put it into neutral gear and it started! Now I just move the gear shift lever around or put it into nuetral and it will start whenever it click buzzes. : ) Could be a short in the nuetral switch, if your manual transmission has one. ; )

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