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March, 2, 2006 AT 2:00 PM

My 1997 Ford F-150 with 80,000 miles would not start so I towed it to local Ford garage. They said a crack in the radiator leaked antifreeze into engine and locked it up and it would have to be replaced, $4500. Is this normal? Wouldn't we have noticed a problem? Thanks!


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March, 3, 2006 AT 8:22 PM

A crack in the radiator would not allow antifreeze into the engine. A cylinder head, block, or bad head gasket yes. Let us know what happens. :



March, 5, 2006 AT 12:48 PM


Seriously think about it.

Ok, so the radiator is cracked, as two hoses that go to the engine. How in the name of the physical universe we occupy in would the leaking antifreeze from the cracked radiator get into the engine?

The problem is in your head gasket. Go to another mechanic shop and have a cooling system pressure check done. This is to check that all the seals in the cooling system are intact. If the system doesn't hold pressure you then would have a. That's right a leak! The Ford garage you went to probably saw a sucker sticker on your forehead. They tried to sell you a new radiator maybe 250-300 bucks and do a headgasket job that goes for about 1200 bucks. 1200+300=1500. And rip you off 3000.

Yes, you would have noticed the problem while driving, the car would not have the horse power it would regulary, since in one or more cylinders would have antifreeze mixing with the air, gas and spark. And therefore not have the potency it should. You would of also seen the white smoke the vapor from the vaporized zntifreeze comming out of the tailpipe.
Write me at epyon_2k1@hotmail. Com if you still have the problem.

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