1999 Ford F-150



January, 12, 2006 AT 7:30 PM

My 1999 Ranger has 150KM and has developed a problem with braking. Frist one only accurs when it wet or very damp outside and the truck has been sitting all day. When I drive from the parking lot to the stop sign and apply gentle braking the front brakes will lock and drag the tires. The problem go away quickly after about 1km of driving. Whats up with that?
the second problem and this does happen any time when coming to a stop.
While appling the brakes and just before coming to a stop the brakes pedel will vibrate stightly and the brake pedel will depress more quickly and for a spit second it feels like there is no braking and a vibrating noise can be heard from the engine compartment. What is it?



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January, 13, 2006 AT 6:19 PM

The vibration is probably your rotors are warped.I have the same truck and the rotors warp easy if you are an " aggressive braker" (meaning you apply the brake harder and stop in a shorter distance than most people) I am one and mine are warped

you can have the rotors turned but when they warp again you probably wont have any brakes at all or you can get slotted and drilled rotors for like $200 for the fronts and they usually have a very long warranty against warping and stuff like that

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