1999 Ford F-150



January, 7, 2010 AT 2:30 PM

Electrical problem
1999 Ford F150 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

Great site! I just put an alternator on and cannot figure out how to loosen the belt tensioner to get the serpentine belt back on! They usually have a spot to insert a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar and I cannot locate it. Please help!


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January, 7, 2010 AT 2:40 PM

Use a wrench on the hex head on the middle of the tensioner pulley and apply tightening force, slip belt back on and release wrench tension.



January, 7, 2010 AT 5:01 PM

Cool. I'm headed back out to the shop now. I was gonna try that last night but backed off from prior experiences with broken bolts that I have had in my past. It has a lot of tension so I held off on it thinkin' it might break.
Thanks again!
P.S. I'm pretty proud of my shop that has only taken me 50-years to build! I think every hickerbilly should have one in their backyard. Its just for tinkerin' and nothing commercial yet at least and should be completed in the next couple months.

Well. Thanks but. It did exactly what I thought it would do before your advise. I turned the bolt about 10 degrees and it snapped internally! I have been wrenchin' since I was 12 yo and have learned many lessons the hard way. This one kinda bums me out. I figured I was getting expert answers after finding these forums. Now its off to the city 80-miles round trip to buy a new tensioner. I'm fresh out of easy outs![/Quote: 7bcbd081d3]
If you want to share some tips on how to replace the tensioner that would be cool. I'm gonna rest a few and check back. If not. I'll figure it out. Just not in a hurry to crawl underneath it again. That's the only way I could find clearance to get the wrench on. I see the center of the tensioner (not the center of the pulley) does not have a bolt head to simply unbolt it to remove. I am used to old school engines. Last time I worked in a shop was 1991 so I'm pretty slow at some of this new stuff but always eventually get the job done.



January, 8, 2010 AT 2:39 AM

Never broke one of these myself Frank...you must have a gentle touch! On the other end of the tensioner, there is one bolt though it into the block, unscrew it, pull tensioner off, install new teisioner with new bolt that comes with it, be sure tang goes ni the hole and tighten! BTW your pulley bearing may have weakened the bolt if it was on the way out anyway, Thanks for the minus point...Sorry Frank 6 cylinder is counter clockwise, I thought you had an eight...which is clockwise, but if a tensioner which is spring loaded does not move in one direction, try the other, dont snap it off...


Belt " 4.2L Removal 1. Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise and remove the drive belt.
SECTION 303-05: Accessory Drive 1999 F-150/250 Workshop Manual REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Procedure revision date: 02/03/1999Installation 1. To install, reverse the removal procedure. Refer to component locations for drive belt routing.



June, 27, 2015 AT 4:05 PM

CAREFUL HERE! In the AQ0736 picture and description, you PUT A WRENCH on the bolt concentric to the pulley, NOT on the one mounting the pulley to the block off to the left. FURTHERMORE it is FAR EASIER to align the wrench so you can pull it down from below. I used a 15mm offset closed end (with an offset 14mm on the other side, unused) that had sufficient length so you have enough leverage to max out the rotational movement COUNTER CLOCKWISE as seen from the front and sorta correctly in the diagram. They should have added the wrench and an arm pulling downwards from below with the wrench extending to the left to really clarify this. (MInd you, this is me doing it on an E150 van, 2000, 4.2 L. But it's definitely the same mechanism. Why can't they say, yeah, 15MM wrench? Because they hate you and want you to fail.

Once maxed out, this approach allowed me to slide the serpentine onto the alternator pulley no problemo. But you need FULL movement of the tensioner to do that. About 70 foot pounds by my estimate. And its a two person job unless you're a 400 lb silverback with 30 years experience on these serpentine nightmares.

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