1998 Ford F-150 Brake Peddle goes to the floor!

  • 1998 FORD F-150

Brakes problem
1998 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 198K miles

A couple of months ago, I replace the calipers and pads on the front of my F150. I notice that the truck seemed to be dragging and that the front rims were really warm. Someone suggested that I should replace the short brake lines that connect the medal tubing to the calipers, which I did. At that point I started to bleed the system (with the car running) and noticed that the brake peddle went to the floor, but I tried to bleed the system with no change. When the truck is off you can pump the brake and it firms up a little. After talking to the parts guy, he stated that it was the Brake Cylinder. So with a little help and bench bleeding the new Brake Cylinder, I put it on the truck only to find that it didn't fix the issue. Now some people say it might be the Brake Booster! Please help!

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Monday, March 8th, 2010 AT 9:12 PM

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See my profile.A manual would probably be very useful.
My neighbor has a chevy trk (LOWER CASE ON PURPOSE) his REPAIR MANUAL said something about bleeding some jct block, to the best of my recollection.

Have you explored this sites HOW TO STUFF. Maybe even explore old POSTS on down the line from yours.

I would think that if the booster was muffing up, the brakes would be stiffer.

I bench bleed. Installed on vehicle. Its whole lots EZer.W/buddy pumping the brake.

I hold 2 "rubber" bleed lines in the resevoirs (1-ea. Compartment)

I slightly squeeze them as pedal goes down (pal slowly pushes, and informs me as to his position, (halfway. FLOOR !). Rubber lines must always be SUBMERGED IN THE BRAKE JUICE !

When he is MMs from floor, I pinch the lines off, LIKE A CHECK-VALVE. Inform him to let pedal up. We repeat this. Over. Over again.

We do not want brake juice to suck back in rubber lines, all we want is the AIR to push out in only 1 direction only.

Careful !. Too hard or too fast pumping, w/ lines squeezed too tight will result in rubber lines BLOWING OFF of the plug/ adapters

I bleed furtherest wheel from Master Cylinder. Stepping my way back to the closest.

Insure you are pumping 5-6 times (or to get as stiff of a pedal as possible)

HOLDING then pushing slowly on pedal, while cracking the bleeder slightly and closing bleeders on wheel cyl. MMs prior to pedal hitting floor.

We usually Holler : PUMPING. HOLDING. And just before contact. FLOOR.I say, OK or PUMP IT UP, when bleeder is shut.

Not letting off pedal until bleeder is FULLY SHUT. COMMO with pal is CRITICAL !


Love, Turddog

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 AT 12:04 AM

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