1997 Ford F-150


john l foley

April, 16, 2008 AT 4:23 PM

Electrical problem
1997 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

my trucks battery will drain & not start.I have taken it to the ford dealer 4 times & their computer cannot find the reason why.
my neighbor took his volt meter & after removing fuse by fuse & checking for any drops in voltage, found that, under the hood, fuse 22 had a 300 ma drop & fuse 6 had a 135 ma drop.
in the cab, there was a 50 ma drop at fuse 20.
when it is dead, the only sound you hear is a relay
clicking from under the hood.
the chilton books & the schematics off the internet are different & they do not show me where the components that use these fuses are located.
i know very little about automobiles so I need your help if at all possible
do not know what would be a good donation for your work on this problem, but i'll give something.
thank you very much
john l foley


4 Answers


Service Writer

April, 17, 2008 AT 5:15 AM

You are on the right track, let me see what I can find.

What is the total milliamp draw you have? We need to get it around 30 or less.

What liter size engine?

What is the production date on this? Look on the sticker on the door jamb for that.


john l foley

April, 20, 2008 AT 10:23 PM

You requested the engine size for the f-150 truck. It is a 5.4 l.
You asked the total ma drop. It is 480 ma total at the 3 fuses I gave you
you asked for the manufactured date it is 07-96

hope this info will help you (and me).

Maybe I better briefly describe the problem again.

The battery drains. By removing fuses under the hood & in the cab, there were 3 fuses that had ma drops.
They were fuses 22 & 6 (under the hood)
and fuse 20 in the cab.

John l foley


Service Writer

April, 21, 2008 AT 6:02 AM

I needed to get the right diagrams..now I need time to look at them.

These are the correct ones:
Junction Box
fuse 20 circuit




Power Distribution Box


Fuse 6



Fuse 22






Service Writer

April, 21, 2008 AT 7:56 AM

For the fuse #6, is this an aftermarket radio or original. Does the power to it remain on all the time, even if key is off?

On fuse 22. the power runs to the junction box in the cab from the Power distribution box. I assume that fuse 1 on the junction box was pulled and there was no change on the draw, placing a problem between the two.

I'm suspicious of this particular draw as it involves the GEM module which controls the Battery Saver feature. The draw on this circuit cannot be check for 45 minutes until the timer runs through. This may have been checked too early making it invalid.


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