1999 Ford Explorer



February, 25, 2007 AT 1:54 PM

1999 ford explorer 4.0 sohc v6 auto 4x4 120k

the alternator in my explorer is bad, I got a quote from a local mechanic for 487$ I am unable to afford this so I am going to replace the alternator myself. Is there a special tool I will need for the serpentine tensioner? Also I have never replaced a alternator on a vehicle with a serpentine belt so I would like step by step instructions emailed to me, I realize I can just buy the repair manual but I am so strapped for cash I can prolly just afford the remanufactured alternator and a serpentine belt tool. Any and all help in this matter will be greatly appreciated, if anyone has the haynes maual for my vehicle please be so kind as to scan the pages I need and email them to Rongsays@aol. Com. Thank you so much


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February, 25, 2007 AT 2:13 PM

you dont need any special tools for this operation, first always remove the neg battery terminal, next take a good look at the tensioner and belt routing so you dont forget where it goes, most of the time I just take off the portion I need and leave the rest in place, anyway the tensioner will either hav a spot on it for a 3/8 drive ratchet or a bolt, it may take a few tries a s most tensioners have inches of movement, once there is enough tension off of the belt slip it off the alt pully, remove all wiring from the alt then remove bolts, whalah its out and reverse for install, piece of cake you can do it
if you need any other info let me know


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March, 1, 2007 AT 10:36 AM

Thanks so much your quick reply and instruction really saved the day. I will definately recommend this site to others. Now for my next question lol. The literature which came with my new alternator suggested that I check the 2 fuses that go with the alternator. I have no idea where they are so I can replace them. Any help with this will again, be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!



March, 1, 2007 AT 11:38 AM

They are talking about in the fuse box and under hood fuse box is a diagram on the boxes good luck, wasnt scary at all was it

thanks, jim

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