1993 Ford Explorer water pump replacement.

Engine Cooling problem
1993 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

how do I remove the clutch fan so that I can get to and replace the water pump. Instructions on replacing the water pump would also be helpful.
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As far as the fan, there is a special tool used to remove it. Most parts stores will lend or rent them to you. If you can't get one, I always use a large cressent wrench and a dead blow hammar to loosten the fan clutch from the water pump. It usually takes a couple hits, but it comes loose. NOTE: Don't remove the serp belt, it will help keep tension and help prevent the pulley from turning. You may also want to wedge something between the pulley and the engine to help hold it still. Please remember, this is just a way I do things to help speed things up and save money.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Drain the cooling system.

To service the water pump, first drain the cooling system, then remove the engine fan/clutch and the fan shroud from the vehicle

3. Remove the fan and fan clutch assembly.

Remove the lower radiator hose from the water pump. Position a drain pan underneath to catch any coolant

4. Remove the lower radiator hose from the water pump.
5. On 1997-99 Explorer/Mountaineer models, remove the radiator.
Loosen the water pump pulley attaching bolts before removing the accessory drive belt.

6. Loosen the water pump pulley attaching bolts.
7. Except 1997-99 Explorer/Mountaineer models, loosen the alternator mounting bolts and remove the belt. On vehicles with air conditioning, remove the tensioner pulley, alternator and bracket.
8. Except 1997-99 Explorer/Mountaineer models, remove the A/C compressor and power steering pump mounting bracket, without disconnecting the lines, and set off to the side.

With the drive belt out of the way, finish removing the water pump pulley
9. Remove the water pump pulley.
10. Disconnect the heater hose at the pump.
Remove the heater hose connection at the water pump
Remove all of the water pump attaching bolts then remove the pump from the engine

11. Remove the attaching bolts and remove the water pump.

Reverse the procedure to replace.

Let me know if this helps.

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