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Engine Performance problem
1999 Ford Expedition V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 162000 miles

I got an oil change and then my service engine soon light came on and the truck is now running rough and idle's rough. I took it back to where I got an oil change and they said it was my fuel injectors so they put fuel injector cleaner in the gas. They then turned the service my engine soon light off but after driving about 5 miles it came back on. I took it to Auto Zone and they told me it was a misfire in cylinder 1. Should I get fuel injectors cleaned or should I take it to the dealer and have them test it.

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Monday, June 1st, 2009 AT 11:08 AM

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You are not also having engine noise like a load knock by any chance? But look at the #1 ignition coil connector and fuel injector connector to see that it was not knocked loose by accident? If it looks ok remove the #1 coil and inspect the boot especially on the inside and look for carbon tracking. If you see the boot is bad you may be able to replace just the boot by itself without having to buy the whole coil. If it looks ok put coil back in but do not put the hold down bolt yet. Start the truck and gently pull up on the coil. Do not remove it out completely as you can get shocked and it hurts. If you hear a continouse popping sound then your coil is ok. If you hear nothing then your coil itself is bad. If all that is good remove the spark plug and inspect for damage around the ceramic. Beyonde this point you will need to take to have it diagnose. Other possibilities for misfire could be a bad injector, low compression due to bad valves or piston rings so you would need proper equipement to do the proper testing.

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Thursday, June 4th, 2009 AT 7:52 PM

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