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June, 23, 2006 AT 12:21 AM

I have a 92 Escort GT, 1.8 DOHC, 5 speed, 173,000 miles. Never had ANY kind of problem. The other day it just died, no warning, nothing. In fact it was so nothing, it took me a few seconds to realize the car wasn't accelerating. I couldn't get it restarted. Didn't know about you guys, yet, so I checked the repair guides/troubleshooting at AutoZone. Com, and the list was extensive. Was needing to replace the battery anyway. Brand spanking new battery, still no go. Checked a bit further. No spark. It's not the starter, because it turns over, it just won't catch. I was told it had to be 1 of 3 things. Rotor control module, coil, or ignition control module. I am on a shoestring budget, but I replaced the first two, still no spark. I have to special order the ICM, 5-7 days, and having no other transportation, I bought one used ( while waiting), still, no spark. I realize the used ICM might not be any good, but with 3 kids, etc.I'm starting to hyperventilate here. Even after several attempts to start, however, I don't smell fuel. I am assuming the fuel pump is ok. But since I couldn't hear it running before, not hearing it now isn't odd. But the way it acts when I try to start it is similar to trying to start a car that's bone dry. But that doesn't explain there being no spark. My plugs are less than 1 month old, I do have gas in the car. Please help. Becoming desperate!?


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June, 23, 2006 AT 6:13 AM

Are you grounding the plug while your looking for spark. Have someone lay on the ground with their ear to the gas tank while you just turn the key to acc and listen for a whirring of the electric motori would try having someone turn over the engine while someone else uses a rubber mallet and strike the gas tank squarely in the middle. This may help get the pump to un seize if this works I recommend replacing your fuel pump asap. Good luck : )



June, 23, 2006 AT 9:03 AM

Thanx.I was kind of afraid it might be going that way.I also just found out that what I THOUGHT was the used ICM I replaced couldn't have been any further away from what I actually did replace, so I think i'll try your suggestion first, then go from there. Wish me luck, and thanx again!1

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