1998 Ford Escort speed sensor

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Transmission problem
1998 Ford Escort 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

how to locate the speed sensor and remove it

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Here is a picture of what you are looking for. It's


Here are the directions to replace it.

The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) is a magnetic pick-up sensor that sends a signal to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and the speedometer. The sensor measures the rotation of the output shaft on the transaxle and sends an AC voltage signal to the PCM which determines the corresponding vehicle speed.


Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Disengage the wiring harness connector from the VSS.
Using a Digital Volt-Ohmmeter (DVOM), measure the resistance (ohmmeter function) between the sensor terminals. If the resistance is 190-250 ohms, the sensor is okay.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
On a manual transaxle equipped vehicle:
Remove the air cleaner assembly.
On a automatic transaxle equipped vehicle:
Raise and support the vehicle.
Unplug the VSS electrical connector.
Remove the speedometer cable (early models only).
Remove the retaining bolt from the VSS.
Lift the VSS out of the transaxle.
Remove the driven gear retainer and the drive gear.
To install:

Inspect the O-ring on the sensor and replace if necessary.
Install the driven gear and the retainer.
Place the VSS into the transaxle.
Tighten the retaining bolt to 43-53 inch lbs. (5-6 Nm).
Install the speedo cable (if necessary).
Attach the VSS electrical connector.
On a manual transaxle equipped vehicle:
Install the air cleaner assembly.
On a automatic transaxle equipped vehicle:
Lower the vehicle.
Connect the negative battery cable.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.


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