1992 Ford Crown Victoria



January, 7, 2008 AT 9:10 PM

Brakes problem
1992 Ford Crown Victoria V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

My car had new brake lines installed from master cylinder to both rear brakes by a certified repair facility. After noticing the lines were still leaking I had another shop look at them. The second shop would not work on it because compression fittings had been used to connect the lines in the middle of the car. I was told this was illegal and I needed to contact original shop, which they said there is no such law and would do nothing for me, unless I had written proof of such law. Is this true, I live in Michigan, is there any where I can find proof of this law on-line? Any help with this matter would be greatly appriciated. My daughter and her safety is on the LINE! Thanks again.


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January, 7, 2008 AT 10:03 PM

It is not so much a law as it is a regulated guideline set down by the Department of Transportation. The guideline states what fittings are proper for use on brake lines. I have seen compression fittings used with no negative affects, but I personally will not use them. Most States will not pass a vehicle through an inspection if it has a compression fitting on the brake line. My suggestion would be to check with your local DOT for clarifiction of proper fittings on brake lines. I hope this information helps you.




January, 7, 2008 AT 10:56 PM

YOUR IN LUCK, I live in michigan and there is no law like that, it is just a safety precaution, sounds to me like they dont want to mess around with your car! Take it to a different place to have them look at it.

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