95 Ford Contour. 116,000 miles

My wife had this car in the shop when we first met. We got it out of the shop after having several things replaced. The car ran fine for about 6-8 months before it started to have an overheating problem. One day while I was driving it the car suddenly made a hissing sound and died. I got the car restarted and pulled it off the side of the road. I noticed that there was smoke coming from under the hood and I checked to see where. The smoke was actually coming from the coolant reservoir tank. I wasn't sure of the problem so I had it towed to the shop where he said it was the head gasket and that he would relace it for $1700, I thougt this was high and didn't really have that kind of money at the time so I had it towed to the house where it sat for about a year. I recently decided to look into it further. I got it running but when I took my foot off the gas the car would die. It will not idle at all. I notice a blueish white smoke coming out of the exaust, there was also what look like oil spitting out the end of the exaust. I figured that this was the sediment from where it had sat for so long. I would notice that after running for a few min. The smoke would start to dissipate. I kept trying the car for about1 1/2 hours berore the same hissing sound started at the coolant reservoir. I also notice that the coolant level when hot would go down not up. I had thought at first that it was a fuel pump problem, but since the coolant levels seem to be changing so much I was wondering if it is the head gasket. If not what other suggestions would you have. Thnks for you time I am really stumped. I am not a mechanic but I do have a little car knowledge.
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Thursday, September 14th, 2006 AT 8:30 PM

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Well sir I will easy your mind it is a head gasket. Those cars are real bad about. If i'am not mistaken that is the duratech motor.
1. Pull the OIL dipstick look and see I it is milky on the end if so (strike one).
2. It set long enough that the water came from the head gasket down into the motor. Having antifreeze and water in the motor not good but when your cranking it over you put all threw the motor. Antifreeze is hard on engine bearings. (Strike two)
3. Best thing to do is take the cap off the radiator bottle and smell for gas if you smell gas feumes in there it is head gasket water in oil it is busted head or head gasket.
3. The main cause of all the problem is a ford poor design water pump it has a placti impler on it and it will come apart or the thermostat stuck shut. But iwould bet my 23 year rep that it is the water pump. (Strike three) it is out of there
4. Asnwer me this one question when you are faceing the engine do you see a pulley and belt to your on the back of the motor.
5. The las one of thoes I did it was about 650.00 dollars unless you have to replace the heads they are around 350.00 ea blank heads no valves. (NOS) i'll watch for this one.
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Friday, September 15th, 2006 AT 8:35 PM

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