Bronco Electrical Problems

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Ford Bronco, 1991, 180,000 miles, 5.8L.
I'm having electrical problems. Last week headlights went out. Replaced bulbs and low beams work but high beams do not. Then, this week turn signals stop working while dash lights or headlights on (they stay on but do not blink). Changed the flasher can in fuse box. They now flash when ignition turned to on and headlights off, but also cause dash lights and all exterior lights to flash (dimly). All turn signal bulbs flash so believe no bulbs burned out. When dash lights or headlights on, turn signals do not flash (remain constantly on). Also, when vehicle turned off & headlights/dash lights off, & I step on brakes, dash lights come on (dimly) and all exterior lights come on (dimly), then they all go off when I lift my foot off the brakes. Finally, the rear anti-lock brake light now illuminates intermittently. Emergency flashers work normally. Feel like truck is full of gremlins. Can anyone help?

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 AT 6:17 PM

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It sounds to me like you have a short in the system. The fun part is FINDING the short. Because you mention the dash lights comin on with the brake pedal. I'm going to venture to guess that that would be where you should start. With the brake switch. Just basically look at all the wires you can see and look for ones that are bare.

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 AT 2:50 AM

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