Engine overheating on idle and cooling down when driving

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Three months ago, the car overheated and engine stalled. I had the radiator changed. Last month the car wouldnt start because the pulley and timing belt assembly became jammed. I had them replaced. Now the car overheats while idling. The mechanic says he need to open the engine to figure out the problem and that I may need to replace the engine. While I drove back the car from the workshop, the outside temperature was about 38C degrees. I drove over 14kms to my home and the car temperature was normal. The overheating occurs only during idle even its its a short wait at a traffic stop. It goes all the way to H and over but cools down to normal as soon as the car starts moving. What could be the problem? I thought I would sell off the car for spares if its going to need engine replacement. But seeing as how the car is cooling down as fast as it heats up, I would like to know if the problem could be solved by some smaller issues that maybe be economical to repair? Thank you.
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Monday, August 12th, 2013 AT 3:21 AM

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This is not an engine problem and the mechanic who recommended opening up the engine to figure out what is wrong is not a mechanic. You should be getting a new mechanic.

Check the cooling fans. If vehicle is equipped with clutch fan, the clutch could be lacking fluid and loosing speed and air pulling power while operating.
Ensure the fan shroud is intact and in good condition.

Ensure coolant level is correct.
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Monday, August 12th, 2013 AT 3:58 AM

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