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My car's engine light is on. I have taken it to Kmart Auto services several times, each time they have cleared the code (which turned the light off) and when I return to the m the light comes back on, they clear the error and replace different parts of the engine etc to see if that solves the issue. They are not sure what is causing the 'random misfire' but its frustrating me and costing me a fortune. So far they have replaced the coil, coolant pipes and container, and other parts - can't remember which but nothing has worked. All they say is "bring it back in - we'll have another look" and then I'm charged $400 for something they've checked/ replaced. I have since noticed that every now and then the car feels like it loses power or fells like its driving rough - and the aircon randomly stops working from time to time. Please help me.
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 AT 10:31 AM

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Misfire codes are hard to diagnose, it can be any sensor as well as a vacuum leak or low fuel pressure. What should be done first is a freeze frame and fuel pressure check with a gauge. Then a vacuum leak check as well as bad grommets as air leaks can cause this sometimes as well. When they do a freeze frame they can check to see if voltages are good within range or low. Then if all that is ok then you start doing things like compression check etc. We don't have those in USA so no info but from your sound of things i'd go someplace other than Kmart as it seems they are nickel and diming you to death and not fixing the problem. Sometimes its' a MAF sensor but until you freeze frame it don't replace any more parts. It can also be a shorted wire.
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 AT 1:07 PM

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