1998 Dodge Van Fuel Filter, I think?

  • 1998 DODGE VAN
Engine Performance problem
1998 Dodge Van Automatic 132000 miles

My van will start up, but if I give it gas it sputters and stalls out. I'm told the 1st option is to replace the fuel filter. My problem is, I can't find one to buy. No one sells them because they say it's not serviceable being that it's in the gas tank, attached to the pump? Can I change this myself? Can I buy the part somewhere in my town? I'm afraid if I buy it online, I won't get the right part.
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Monday, February 15th, 2010 AT 3:02 AM

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Don't waste your time. Other than with diesel trucks, you will never solve a running problem on a Chrysler product by changing the filter. They actually pass the largest volume when coasting down from highway speed. (This is not the same volume that is syphoned off to be burned in the engine).

Has the Check Engine light been turning on while driving? If so, there will be diagnostic fault codes stored in the engine computer's memory. Those codes will direct you to the circuit or system with the problem, not the specific part.

A hand-held computer called a scanner can be used to read the codes, and to watch the sensor readings while the engine is running. In particular, the MAP sensor has the biggest effect on fuel delivery and is a good place to start. Aftermarket scanners are getting better, but to do all the tests possible, Chryslers DRB3 should be used. It also has a record / playback function that will record the sensor readings so they can be reviewed later. When the problem acts up, the record button is pressed. It will record the sensor values beginning a few seconds before the button was pressed. This recording can provide valuable information that is impossible to see any other way.

When a defective sensor's values fall outside specified acceptable limits, the computer sets a fault code and disregards that sensor, but it is still possible for an incorect value to be within those limits. No code will be set, but engine performance will be affected. This is where the mechanic will have to determine if a sensor is beginning to fail. This is a common way for MAP sensors to fail, although they usually fail completely within a few days.

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