1994 Dodge Shadow



June, 10, 2009 AT 6:17 PM

1994 Dodge Shadow 4 cyl 99,000 miles

I have owned 2 dodge shadows and have been very pleased with thier gas mileage, reliability and lack of mechanical problems. But the one thing that both cars seem to have in common is the lack of smooth driving after the car has been fueled up. It acts as though there is a problem in the fuel line it jerks while driving. It only lasts temporarily then it goes back to normal smooth driving and it does not do this all of the time.A few days ago it was fueled up it drove roughly for about 10 miles. Then it died and that was a first. Is this common in this particular car.I know that the Fuel Pump is located back by the Gas Tank. But just where exactly is the Fuel Filter for this car located. Thank You


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June, 11, 2009 AT 2:52 AM

You will never solve a running problem on a Chrysler product by replacing the fuel filter. They pass the most fuel when coasting, and the least volume under light acceleration.

What you're describing is not normal. Next time, don't completely fill the tank, then see if the same thing happens. If you continue trying to squeeze a lot more fuel in after the pump has shut off, the expanding fumes in the tank get collected in the charcoal canister. That can lead to an excessively rich condition at highway speeds when the fumes are drawn off and burned.

Many years ago, the high failure rate of MAP sensors was attributed, in part, to overfilling the fuel tanks. The fuel vapor made its way to the sensor through the vacuum hoses and destroyed the protective seal inside. Typically the sensor were good one minute and bad the next. Today it is more common for them to put out the incorrect signal although it's within the acceptable range. This results in running issues that do not trigger the " Check Engine" light.



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