1987 Dodge Ramcharger Heater Core

Heater problem
1987 Dodge Ramcharger V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

What are steps with diagrams if possible to replace heater core?
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Fig. 17 Heater assembly. Ramcharger, Trail Duster & Conventional Cabs less A/C. 1981-84 shown, 1985-87 similar


1981-87 Models
Disconnect battery ground cable.
Disconnect heater hoses on engine side and plug heater outlets.
Remove right side cowl trim if so equipped.
Remove glove box, then structural brace through glove box opening.
Remove right half of instrument panel lower reinforcement, making sure to disconnect ground strap.
Disconnect control cables, then blower motor wires on engine side.
Disconnect wires from resistor block.
Remove screw holding heater to cowl side sheet metal.
Remove 6 heater retaining nuts on firewall, then remove heater.
Remove mode door crank and 15 screws to remove cover from housing, then slide heater core out.
Reverse procedure to install.

Fig. 19 Heater assembly. 1981 Trail Duster & 1981-87 Ramcharger & Conventional Cabs. With A/C


1981-87 Models
Disconnect battery ground cable.
Discharge A/C system and disconnect refrigerant and heater lines from unit.
Move shift levers away from dash.
Remove right side cowl trim panel, if equipped.
Remove 4 screws at base and remove glove box.
Remove brace through glove box opening and remove ashtray.
Remove right half of lower reinforcement (7 screws to instrument panel and 1 to cowl side of trim panel).
Disconnect radio ground strap.
Remove right upper air duct by removing mounting screw and pulling duct out through glove box opening.
Remove instrument panel center brace and right instrument panel cluster pivot bolt.
Remove instrument panel cluster, disconnect shift indicator cable and lower steering column.
Remove steering column studs and radio.
Remove scoop connecting heater to center distribution duct (2 screws).
Remove center distribution duct by pulling bottom of dash out to gain clearance.
Remove floor air distribution duct.
Disconnect temperature control cable through glove box.
Remove 7 retaining nuts from firewall and screw that retains assembly to cowl side sheet metal.
Flex dash out and remove heater assembly.
Remove nuts from door arms and remove door arms.
Remove 7 screws to remove cover from housing.
Remove evaporator core.
Reverse procedure to install.

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