1995 Dodge Ram



February, 16, 2007 AT 9:35 PM

Hi, when I turn the ignition I get a click- turn it again sometimes another click sometimes a GLUG type sound (no click when this sound is heard) -- it will start if I persist (usually within 5 tries). I have been told it is a starter problem (which should be replaced)and I have been told it is a alternaor problem. The belt tensioner also I have been told needs replacing! (Though the belt seems fine -no tears). I have been told the alternator was bad and wasnt charging the battery-that I was running on just the battery but the battery is fully charged. My battery leads are alittle worn (no corrosion just breaks ) I read that if it is a starter problem replacing the copper wires inside the starter will correct the problem. The van has only 77k on it. What do you think it is?Tnks I really dont want to get ripped off, your opinion needed bad. Oh, also there is a squeal (not always heard) coming from the engine compartment (belt tensioner ?Alternator?)Hope that helps.


1 Answer


kin chan

February, 17, 2007 AT 5:03 AM

Sounds like an ignition switch problem cuz u mentioned if upon persistant for 5 times then it'll start. Get underneath by the start. There should be a smaller wire to the starter solenoid next to the battery big cable. Chk if there is battery voltage present when someone inside the car crank it. If u see none. Jump it across the battery +ve terminal. The starter should kick in. Further repair need wiring diagram and auto repair skill.

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