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February, 9, 2007 AT 8:27 AM

Is the hub assembly and the rotor all one unit on a 1997 Ram 1500 pickup2wd? My wheel fell off and I can see the bearings are toast but not sure what I need to buy to get back up and running?

Thanks for any help you may have


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February, 9, 2007 AT 6:26 PM

Your front wheel hub is one piece with the rotor. You will need NAPA part number 86446. They also have a second line that is a little less expensive. You will also need a br5 inner wheel bearing and a br3 outer bearing, along with a 19784 seal. Make sure you pack the bearings properly. ! Inspect the spindle VERY CARFULLY as this may be damaged by the assembly coming off. If so, replace the spindle as well. Also, make sure you inspect the other side to avoid it from coming off.
Hope this helps.

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