Car viabrates around 110km/h

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Dodge, Stealth RT, 1993, 154000km. Last year I hit a curb quite hard while exiting on a ramp. My drivers side rear tire was bent out at about 15 degrees (top to bottom). I got a new rim, they fixed the upper and lower control arm on that side. I did not get a wheel alignment at that time but the car drove fine (had it up to around 150km/h). Then one day I was gunning it along with another car until I hit about 110km/h and the car felt like a wheel was going to fall off. I got a wheel alignment but the problem still persists. I took the car to Dodge and due to my inexperience was taken advantage of. In the end they didn't fix a single thing! Please, if you have any ideas I can take to another mechanic it would be greatly appreciated.

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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 AT 4:13 PM

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My first advise to you would be to have the wheel rebalanced
if a tire has thrown a weight it will vibrate at high speeds especially if it is onlt balanced on one side
second get the wheel bearings checked you could have damaged the bearings in your mishap

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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 AT 11:08 PM

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