1996 Dodge Ram



March, 16, 2007 AT 3:28 PM

My 1996 dodge ram v-8 4by4 wont make a sound we have put new starter new battery in it its getting fire but wont start not even click please help what els could it be


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March, 17, 2007 AT 12:03 AM

Try the anti theft device if it has one. Some ATD system kills the starter circuit when activated.



December, 11, 2010 AT 5:23 AM

Just posted a question you might would like the answer too also. I have the same problem but when key is turned on everything else working I can even hear the fuel pump prime the system. Now what I have figured out is that in the fuse block under the hood is a relay for the starter. Now I probably mmessed something up but I used a jumper on pin slot #30 and outside #87. It engaged my starter so I am leaning to bad relay will let you know how that turns out. Also remember when you pull out relay and look at bottom to see pin numbers that it is reversed from the slots you pulled it out of.



December, 13, 2010 AT 10:00 AM

Somebody told me it could also be the nutral start / back up light switch.



December, 13, 2010 AT 10:01 AM

Asked on December 11, 2010

1996 Dodge Ram with 0 miles
v8 318 = 5.2Liters Automatic 2 Wheel Drive

1996 Dodge Ram Relay check
starter not working. Replaced starter worked for a few minutes. Not working. Pulled relay inserted jumper wire into where prong # 30 and #87 outer go starter engaged. Could relay be bad how to check relay

Asked by Stingray-02

Replied on December 11, 2010

Have you checked for continunity?

Answered by Jacobandnickolas (expert)
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Replied on December 11, 2010

Swap it with a different one. Failure is very rare. Based on your tests and observations, I'd suspect the neutral safety switch.

When you can catch it not cranking, grab a test light, ground it to the engine or battery negative, then test the four terminals in the starter relay socket. (Middle terminal is not used). One will have battery voltage all the time. One will have 12 volts when you turn the ignition switch to "crank".

Next, clip the test light lead to the battery positive post and probe the two remaining terminals in the socket. The test light will light up all the time in one of them because it is finding low resistance to ground through the starter solenoid coils. The other one will read to ground through the neutral safety switch when the transmission is in park or neutral. If you find ground in only one terminal, suspect the neutral safety switch. The starter solenoid windings hardly ever go open circuit and you already found it working when you jumped the relay terminals.


Answered by caradiodoc (expert)



December, 20, 2010 AT 6:25 PM

Worked for me I changed out my neutral start safety switch. It is located on the transmission just above the pan. On the drivers side. It is a 3 pin terminal.

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