1985 Dodge Ram Ignition Wiring Harness

  • 1985 DODGE RAM
Electrical problem
1985 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150plu miles

The truck has been sitting awhile. It started up with a charged battery. The battery was too small for the engine, though it turned over awhile. After about 5 weeks the engine failed to turn over: a battery cell was corrupted.

I got a battery more appropriate for the size of the engine. It ran about a week (though sometimes it turned over right away and other times it pressured the starter for a couple of seconds.

One morning I got into the vehicle, turned the ignition and got a click or two, then nothing. I think that I've narrowed the problem to a particular wire (they will all need attention, eventually).

So, my question: what is the most likey wiring to account for suddenly ceasing all starter functions? Sometimes the interior lights come on when I wiggle the wire I suspect is the poor electrical carrier. There are appaerent coupling attachments to this wire (sleeves at the ends of its circuit), however the attachment doesn't pull apart - how to disconnect this wire is a mystery. Any ideas?
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Saturday, May 9th, 2009 AT 4:05 PM

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If the problem is where I think it is then the wires you talk about do come off. take a look at the starter solonid here . there are two heavier wires on the sides one goes to the battery and the other goes to the starter. towards the center there are two littler wires. the little wires could be secured on with a little nut or had something that looks like an L. These wires are just pushed on and are pushed over what looks like a screw. You can turn thes connectors and sometimes they have some rust in them that makes for a bad connection. you can take them off and clean them. As with most other wire you will find like them they can be cleaned also.


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Saturday, May 9th, 2009 AT 10:33 PM

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