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August, 2, 2008 AT 2:37 PM

Brakes problem
1979 Other Dodge Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 158, 00 miles

Help !

I'm fixing my friends van and the front pass side locks up and will not release. We have:

1. Replaced both front calipers and rear wheel cyls.
2. Pads and shoes on entire Van.
3. New lines from front of vehicle to rear.
4. Bleed entire system. No air in lines. Good pedal.
5. New master cyl. Bench bleed. Good to go.

I try and take the van for a ride and the front pass front caliper holds and locks up. Remember the caliper is brand new.

When bleeding the front brakes is appears there is pressure in the system as the calipers release and ease up. No fluid movement is seen in the master cyl when pedal depressed.

Is the master cyl pushrod out of whacK? Give me somethings to look for.




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August, 2, 2008 AT 5:26 PM

When it's locked, try openeing the bleeder, does the caliper release? If so, have you changed the flex hose? And is you don't see turbulence in the master, the compensating port is blocked. Try another one!



August, 2, 2008 AT 6:03 PM

I pumped the brakes and tried to move the van and it was grabbing bad. I relieved both bleeders and found the calipers to release. More pressure came out of the right side than the left. I backed the van out and took it for a short spin, I did not hit the brakes hard. Just soft. When I returned I found the left front grabbing now. Either they both are grabbing now or they are going to take turns. I changed the master so where is the compensating port? I have not changed the hoses. They do not show signs of wear from the outside. I know the inside maybe bad, but I feel it must be something else now that the left brake is locking. What do you mean by turbulence in the master/c. Does this port release pressure up front?



August, 2, 2008 AT 8:13 PM

Try this to put your mind at ease, get them to crab, crack the line at the master for the front brakes, do the wheels spin or stay locked? If they release then the master or the pushrod adjustment is the problem, if they stay locked, and then spin when the bleeder is opened, then the hoses are no good, and on a van this old, my money is on the hoses.

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