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February, 8, 2007 AT 1:32 AM

Recently had the oil changed on son's '99 Plymouth Neon & the technician broke a " hard plastic cap" that attaches to a vacuum (?) Type line on the top of the motor at the back, slightly to the left. The hose it attaches to runs down the side of the motor, & under & into the intake. They temporarily replaced it with a flexible rubber hose, that bends at a 90 degree angle, & of course pinches itself off. We have taken it to the dealership to get it replaced, but even they seem to be at a loss as to what the piece is called & its purpose, & cannot locate the part on their computers. (Its location is where most PCV valves are found on older model cars.) We need to know the exact name, or part number for this piece in order for them to get one, I guess. : X
Also, the car has also started smoking badly (white smoke) upon takeoff & he said it is making a ticking noise, & appears to be burning oil quickly. Is this related to the nearly closed off hose they put in the parts place, or is an even greater problem? It had no problems before this nightmare oil change. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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February, 15, 2007 AT 3:23 PM

OK. Still have not been able to find out what this part is. It is the Neon Expresso model, if that helps; & will pay anyone who gives a correct answer that allows us to find & buy the part a $20 reward or donation, whatever! Even went & bought a Haynes repair manual for '95-'99 Dodge & Plymouth Neons, but the motor layout is different, & that part is not shown. Best I can figure is it may be part of the EGR system? PLEASE HELP! : Cry:



February, 17, 2007 AT 1:07 AM

I think you mean the egr transducer solenoid

let me know


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