2002 Dodge Neon SE Tranmission and/or Engine leaking?

  • 2002 DODGE NEON
We had the transmission replaced in May of 2006. It is not a new car and has approx. 100,000 miles on it. Now we are having issues with this car again and it is some of the same symptons of slipping gears, yet a little different with the leaking of fluids.

Here are the Symptoms now:
1. Noticed the car was very loud when pressing the gas. Went away when hit the brake.
2. Transmission slipping (right turns only)
3. Transmission Slipping (right turns and when cold in the morning)
4. It took forever for the engine to heat up
5. Transmission Slipping during regular driving, especially when car paused at a light & Transmission started shifting and down shifting hard
6. Check Engine Light came on.
7. Noticed Transmission fluid was empty – Added 2 quarts of transmission fluid and immediately the car started driving normally and the check engine light went off.

Next Day
8. Noticed leaking pink fluid ( assumed it was transmission fluid)
9. Everything ran fine

Next Day
10. Noticed smell inside the car (fluid, not sure what kind)
11. Transmission started slipping and shifting hard again
12. Transmission Fluid was empty again
13. Added a transmission repair solution and more fluid
14. Automatically fixed the slipping and hard shifting
15. Ran in the house and back out within 5 minutes – left the car running
16. Noticed a pool of Murky Pink Fluid (mixed w/ white) on the ground in front of the car
17. I lifted the hood and noticed a small pool on the under workings of the car, like something had spilled
18. Attempted to drive the car up the street and under a mile the car ran from cold to completely hot.
19. The fluid in the radiator overflow was boiling and saw steam

Next Day
20. Drove the car from up the street still cold back to the house (less than a mile) and the car ran completely hot from cold again.

We have put so much money into this car and it is constantly something wrong with it. Please help us at least troubleshoot what could be wrong with it. I am tired of taking it to the dealer and spending thousands and the problem not being fixed.
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 AT 10:05 PM

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Not sure I can help you, but it seems like these cars might have been lemons from the factory, or at least the transmissions. Found a Dodge service bulletin about an O-ring in the tranny that dislodges. Don't know how that would affect your car, but there's a whole lot of people that have transmission complaints.
You can check it out if you want at www. Nhtsa. Dot. Gov
Sorry, I would help you out if I could, but I don't know automatic transmissions that well.
Good Luck
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Thursday, December 21st, 2006 AT 3:08 AM

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