2002 Dodge Neon



December, 20, 2006 AT 11:19 AM

[i: fee361beb5]A few months back, we replaced the headlight switch in the steering column of the car, the switch that controls the headlights, the turn signals, foglights, and the highbeams. This morning when we started the car, the headlights and the fog lights won't come on. The high beams come on, and the turn signals work. The fuses were checked and are all fine, what else could possibly be wrong?

the car is a 2002 dodge neon and has 30000 miles on it

jamie[/i: fee361beb5]


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December, 20, 2006 AT 12:42 PM

Typical problems with headlight system are, no left or right lights, no light, dim lights, or very bright light.

The problem we have here is: no lights
if the high and low beams are out on both sides of the car or truck, look for a problem in the main power source.
The proble may be failed fusible link, relay or headlight switch.
One easy method of testing the fusible link is to remove the relay and test pins 1 or 3 to ground with a test light or meter.
There should always be 12 VDC on these two pins is the battery is connected and the main fusible link is good.

Test the relay with your fused jumper leads.
The relay should display 12 VDC

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