2001 Dodge Neon



May, 7, 2007 AT 3:08 PM

I have a 2001 Dodge Neon in pretty much mint tip top condition with a 2.0liter engine (standard). It has close to 100k mileage, but its still going strong. However, lately there has been a weird kind of screeching/squealing coming from the front driver-side tire, almost like a brake squeal, but the pads are fairly new, yet could be replaced I suppose. Yet this sound happens when I'm not braking mostly, at low speeds, and in lighter low speed braking as well. When I brake hard the sound will pretty much go away depending on what speed I'm at. The sound kind of reminds me of when you pinch the lips of a blown up balloon and let the air out slowly as to annoy your siblings and friends at birthday parties. Since then I have begun to listen for it when it happens, which is intermittent it would seem. Yet a much lighter squeak that seems to coincide with the rotation of the wheels has also picked up, and can be heard clearer as I drive next to other vehicles or walls, etc, another noise that seems to mostly only happen, at least at my ear's vantage point during lower speeds. This second lighter squeal appears to come from the passenger-side wheel area but that may not be the exact source. I'm not sure if this is shocks, brakes, or joint-related. I've sprayed brake- cleaner in the spots I could reach, but we all know that won't take any dust build up off the pad-rotor lining completely. Any insight?

also if you need a picture of the pads, I can take one and post it. See if you think they're too far worn.

Be sure to check and see if my donation went through as well. If you guys can provide an answer soon, then it'd be well worth it.


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May, 7, 2007 AT 3:48 PM

A lot depends on you choise of brake pads.I use the ceramic pads because all you need is a little silicon grease on the backing plate and they run quite as hell. Semi-metalics are the hardest to quite down.



May, 7, 2007 AT 9:37 PM

So you're saying I should have them replaced? I wanted ceramic pads last time, but meh I settled for the ones they had at tirerack. Com. Even still, they don't exactly squeal when breaking. Its more so when the tire(s) is in motion. Hence my dilemma. I'm thinking of having it checked out tomorrow by a mechanic but I want to go in there knowing why it is doing that, just to save him some diagnostic time, and me a day without my car.



May, 9, 2007 AT 12:08 AM

So after research I'm thinking it may be a bearing problem on both side of the front end. I'm hoping not, but it would seem to fit the symptoms what with the sloppy steering and the noise now kicking in.



May, 10, 2007 AT 10:59 PM

The noise, is it variable with how fast your going, or is it the same no matter what, it sounds like a hub bearing to me, I had the same problem once on my neon.



May, 11, 2007 AT 12:57 PM

The noise, is it variable with how fast your going, or is it the same no matter what, it sounds like a hub bearing to me, I had the same problem once on my neon.[/Quote: 7d2f8595d0]

Had my mechanic look at it, he told me my brakepads and rotors were shot, and that the shoes for the drum brakes in the back needed cleaning and readjustment. It pretty much cost me $441.

Is this a fair price?



May, 12, 2007 AT 5:54 PM

When your mechanic gave you the price was that for replacement of the rotors or to just have them " turned"?

If it was for complete new hardware (rotors, bearing, seals, labor)etc then it doesnt seem to be to bad a price.

One thing to check before having the rotors replaced is if the rotors are not " cut, grooved" beyond specification. If they can be milled to a smooth surface and still meet spec. Then you can save a little bit.

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