Dodge Intrepid won't start

I have a '99 dodge intrepid with 106,000 miles that will crank over but won't start. Engine is a 2.7 liter. I checked for power on the green wire of one of the coils with the ignition on and found no power. Checked the fuse and it was good but had no power either. I checked the asd relay for power and it was good. I rang the wire from the asd relay to the fuse and it was good. I verified the wire from pin 67 of c2 of the computer was good. With the computer unhooked I can jumper pin 67 to ground and get the relay to pull giving me 12 volts to the coils/fuel injectors/o2 sensors. Apparently my computer isn't happy with something so it isn't sending out the ground on pin 67 of c2 plug in order to pull the asd relay. My question is what all inputs does the computer need to see in order to send out the ground and pull the asd relay? I jumped the gun and found another computer at a salvage yard (not an easy task because my car is a "california car" and I live in Kansas. This didn't help. I am still not pulling the asd relay. I can't imagine that I have two bad computers and with a digital logic problem it leaves me wondering what inputs I am missing that I can't see in my puny chilton manual.
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Monday, June 4th, 2007 AT 8:35 PM

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Could be a problem from the ignition switch. Have replaced many Chrysler switches for "gremlin" style problems. You sound on the ball with this, go to bottom of main forum page, link for repair manuals. That goes to Mitchell On Demand, same software we use in shops. Check all PCM grounds and power inputs according to "engine Performance" wiring diagram. Way better than the Chilton Manual you are using
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 AT 8:17 AM

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