2000 Dodge Intrepid


mark asoup

October, 17, 2008 AT 6:33 PM

Electrical problem
2000 Dodge Intrepid 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 84000 miles

I have changed the pcm and still get code p0601 everyone is telling its a ground short. Where may I look for that. I can reset the pcm and the code goes away when I restart the car it comes on. Can you help


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October, 17, 2008 AT 7:07 PM

That code indicates that there's an internal failure inside the powertrain control module. SOME internal failure codes are false and can be corrected with a software update. Most are not and require replacement of the component throwing the internal failure code. Unfortunately, I feel as though you will need a new computer in order to correct this fault code.
Also, one thing to keep in mind is that if you decide to use a salvage yard part then you need to be aware of a few glitches you may run in to. Vehicles with SKIM (grey headed keys) have special chips in them that prevent swapping engine controllers, Body controllers and other modules that have the VIN encripted in to them. This will mean that if you put in a module that originally did not come in your car you may be carrying the car to the dealer on a roll-back to have them replace the locked-out modules.

What does that mean?Basically that means that there is an interal fault in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). There have been many reported PCM failures on Chrysler/Dodge products although it is possible for this to happen on any vehicle. In Dodge/Chrysler products, a P0601 trouble code means that a serial communication failed inside the computer at least 6 times.

SymptomsLikely, no symptoms will be discernible to the driver, other than the illuminated Check Engine Light. Typically the engine runs fine, gauges work, etc.

CausesA code P0601 in most cases means the PCM has gone bad. This is possibly due to a short-circuit inside the PCM. Or, if you disconnect the wires/connector from the PCM while the battery is still connected, that may also cause this code.

Possible SolutionsWith a P0601 OBD-II trouble code, the most common fix is to replace and reprogram the PCM. In a few cases the dealer may be able to reflash the PCM and get it working. But more than likely the PCM will need to be replaced and reprogrammed (we recommend you take it to a dealership for this). The good news is it *may* be covered under your emmissions warranty. So even if you're out of bumper-to-bumper warranty or powertrain warranty, check your warranty guide or dealer to see if this is covered.

Other people have reported that they cleared the code only for it to return again and again. Keep in mind that most shops can replace the PCM but not all can program it.


mark asoup

October, 18, 2008 AT 7:27 AM

So you are telling me that there may not be a short in the car but the new pcm is bad and I need to replace the new one



October, 18, 2008 AT 9:55 AM

No that it could be a programming issue some shops can not program the computer proporly and needs to go to dealer to get done it could also be if the pcm was unpluged when battery was still hooked up it could sort it out but I would take to dealer to check programming first

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