1991 Dodge Dynasty 1991 Dodge Dynasty fuel pump issue


Electrical problem
1991 Dodge Dynasty 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have replaced the fuel pump and ASD 9fuel pump) relay and car ran great for a month then I had intermittant issues when starting (engine would run rough at idle and die out then would not start not, getting fuel) I would pull the ignition fuse and put back in and car would start and run fine this happens several tines. Now car won't start and theer is no power going through fuel pump or to the ASD (fuel pump) relay?
The only siimilar issue I hace found from other people is that thier engines computer went into a security mode cutting off fuel suppl, could the engine computer PCM have been going bad and finally took a dump?

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 AT 4:02 PM

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Which engine do you have? For the 3.3L, suspect an intermittent crankshaft position sensor or incorrect air gap. For the 3.0L, suspect the optical pickup in the distributor.

There is not supposed to be power to the fuel pump with the ignition switch turned to "run". Power for the pump or pump relay, ignition coil(s), injector(s), alternator field, and O2 sensor heaters comes from the ASD relay. That relay turns on for less than two seconds when you turn on the ignition switch, then it turns off. The engine computer turns it back on again when it sees engine rotation, (cranking or running). It knows the engine is rotating by pulses coming from the crankshaft position sensor or optical pickup.


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Monday, January 18th, 2010 AT 8:15 AM

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