1990 Dodge Dynasty Difficulty starting '90 Dodge Dynasty?

Engine Performance problem
1990 Dodge Dynasty Automatic

I have been having trouble starting my 1990 dodge dynasty. It's been bitterly cold lately, and I know that older cars have more trouble starting when it gets cold, but I didn't have this much trouble last year when it was cold. It takes 7 or 8 tries before the car will start, and even then, I may have to restart it a few more times because it dies a few seconds after starting. Could it possibly be my fuel filter, or even the pump?
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Monday, January 11th, 2010 AT 11:17 AM

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Other than diesel trucks, you will never solve a running problem on a Chrysler product by replacing the fuel filter.

When you first turn the ignition switch to "run", listen for the whir of the fuel pump. It should only run for one to two seconds, then turn off until you crank the engine. If you hear it, forget about changing the pump; you just heard it working.

Try turning the ignition switch to "run", (not all the way to "crank"). After a few seconds, turn the switch off, wait for about five seconds, then turn it to "run" again. Do this a third time, then crank the engine. If it starts instantly, suspect fuel pressure has bled down overnight. It should remain in the system for weeks. When starting problems first start occurring during a big temperature change, it is often due to a leaking injector. Their parts are machined to millionths of an inch, and expanding or contracting parts may compromise their ability to seal. My '88 Grand Caravan starts instantly in real cold weather, but in the hot summer, I have to pause in the "run" position for a couple of seconds, then turn it all the way to "crank" for it to start right away. ""If I go rapidly right to "crank", the engine will start, then stall one time about three seconds later due to fuel pressure being bled off by the injectors faster than the pump can get it built up.

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Monday, January 18th, 2010 AT 7:55 AM

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