2000 Dodge Durango



February, 12, 2009 AT 5:19 PM

Engine Cooling problem
2000 Dodge Durango V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 115825 miles

i have coolant leaking from I think from the side of the radiator.I park my car and came back out side and I seen coolant streams running from my car. Like the coolant just ran from out the radiator. NO white smoke from the tail pipe. Temp is stayin below the half mark.I let it run for 45min. Never ran hot. There was a bottome hose under the radiator on the side that was only hook to one end but I hooked it back to the hole on the side under the radiator. This all started when I look and seen the coolant was low so I added coolant but I think I overfilled the radiator. If radiator is too full would that cause the coolant to leak our so fast? What could be the problem? It not completely empty the coolant is right above the added and stay right there


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February, 16, 2009 AT 1:32 PM

Hi: If you overfilled the coolant, yes it will come out of the overflow. If the level is staying above the add mark and not dropping, you should be fine. If you find that it continues leaking, let me know and I'll try to help you figure out where it's coming from. Just keep an eye on the temp gauge for awhile to make sure everything is ok.


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