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November, 4, 2007 AT 1:58 PM

I have a 96 Dodge Dakota v6, 117000 miles and I freeze in the winter. It barely warms up enough to defrost the windshield. I have to dress in layers just to get to work. I have changed the thermastat and that has not helped. Do you have any other suggestins??


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November, 4, 2007 AT 7:29 PM

First thing I would like you to check is iafter runing it for a while feel the heater core hoses that go into the fire wall in and out, and if they are both hot then check the blend door inside the vehicle. If one or non is hot then you may have to bleed the coolant system. If that does not remedy flush out the heater core and make sure it is not pluged and then bleed it again.



November, 8, 2007 AT 6:03 AM

How do you find the blend door?



November, 8, 2007 AT 7:26 AM

Correct me if im wrong but I believe its behind the dash or under im not to familiar with Dakotas but somewhere around there and it also sounds more like a stuck thermostat I would check/replace that had the same problem on my ford it would warm slightly but not enough to matter



November, 8, 2007 AT 6:48 PM

; he just replaced the thermostat so I do not belive that is the problem, he may have to bleed it.

And the blend door is behind the dash right near the heater core.



November, 9, 2007 AT 10:01 AM

Ok I just overlooked that sry but ya it would probably be the blend door or mabey like on my camaro a bad/clogged core



November, 9, 2007 AT 7:50 PM

Hopefully its just a simple bleed job.



November, 12, 2007 AT 7:39 AM

I just fixed my heater problem this weekend.

History: 1998 Dakota, 155000 miles. About two years ago I had very luke warm air coming into the cab no matter what the temp guage read. I replaced the stat and checked to see if I had flow thru the core. I did have flow, but still no heat.

This weekend: First flushed system with Prestone flush. That did not help. At all times, the coolant appeared clear and bright. Next - bought a Prestone Back flush kit and followed the directions. That didn't help.

I then replaced the thermostat. Still no change.

Then I removed the heater hose at the water pump(hose 1), disconnected the heater hose from the top of the engine to the fire wall (hose 2) at the splice, shoved in a water hose nozzle and sprayed.
Nothing came out but clear water. I then put the hose nozzle in the end of hose 1 and repeated, out came a bunch of grey sludge and water. I thought I was finally getting somewhere.

I kept going back and forth from hose 1 to hose 2 until no more cloudy water came out of the heater core, put it back together, tested it and still no change.

I was about to give up when I went back to the splice on hose 2, disconnected it, put the hose nozzle in the end going toward the top of the engine, removed the radiator cap and let it rip.

I put it back together, filled the system and worked all the air out and HOLY COW I have heat. 125 degrees coming out of the defrost.

I mentioned everything I did because I'm not sure if it was one thing or a combination of all events, but I think it was clogged at theheater hose at the top of the engine where it joins near the stat housing.

Hope this helps.


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