2002 Dodge Dakota



February, 15, 2009 AT 6:30 PM

Interior problem
2002 Dodge Dakota V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 78,000 miles

Yesterday my front passenger side electric window quit operating. At first I heard the motor but the window did not move. I removed the door panel and found a semi-circular plastic part that looks like half a pulley lying in the bottom of the door. Based on looks, I'd say the cable runs over the part where it changes direction. Because of the way the door is made, I cannot see where the part belongs or if it is just a matter of putting it back in place. Obviously the cable is not going to do its job if the part is missing. I did check and power is coming to the switch and the switch checks positive for continuity in the two directions. I'm wondering if I can just get the part and cable back in place to see if anything works. I have been unable to find a photo or diagram of how the window mechanism works.

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March, 10, 2009 AT 6:13 PM

Its called the widow regulator. I have broke three with the ice issue. Not to bad to replace. Expensive from dealer. Don't try to fix the plastic or steel wire. I spent hours trying to replace plastic and wire. Just replace. Got one on ebay new for around $80.

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